Sugar High

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Take your baking to new heights with these 50 delicious, home-baker friendly cannabis-infused desserts.

There has been a long tradition of marijuana-infused baked goods. Brownies are the perennial favorite, but as legalization sweeps the country, the humble brownie is starting to look, well, boring. Enter Sugar High, which shows you how to dose your dough and make the very best cannabis-baked goods. From the pioneer of cannabis-infused cooking, these 50 recipes range from sweet treats that are elegant and classic to bars, cakes, and cookies that are gooey and decadent.

Recipes include the following:

-Brown Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

-Tart and Sweet Citrus Bars

-The Easiest Strawberry Shortcake

-S'Mores Bars

-Decadent Seasonal Trifle

-Creamy Coconut Gelato

-Doughnuts with Strawberry, Maple, and Chocolate Glazes

-And more!

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